If you’ve been living under a rock for the past two weeks you wouldn’t know that there is something big coming to the SOCOM world. H-Hour, not exactly a SOCOM title, is expected to be released on PS4 in early 2014. So how is H-Hour “something big” for the SOCOM world you ask? Well H-Hour is being made by a group called SOF Studios. At the helm of SOF is a group of guys dedicated to the SOCOM name. To start, David Sears was the creative director on the SOCOM titles for 22-years. To support Sears in his endeavor of this next-gen SOCOM is Russ Phillips, former art director for the SOCOM franchise. Although, from what I understand, Phillips does not work for SOF. He is only backing the project and helping in various ways.

So how can you help?

Well, right now SOF Studios has a page set up on Kickstart to raise $200,000 and get the project really started. So far they have raised $95,084 and they have 13 days to raise the, basically, other half. Pledging to “back” the project is easy and SOF has set up incentives with the more money that you pledge. I pledged $20 and get a digital copy and an H-Hour patch, which is pretty cool. The more you pledge the more you get. To successfully raise the money they need to average about $7,500 a day, which is good because they raised about $10,000 today alone.

Moral of the story.

Go to Kickstart or SOF’s website and pledge some money. Any amount helps the cause even if you can only pledge $1 it will be greatly appreciated by the entire SOCOM fan base. Plus, when the game comes out you can be among the few to say that you backed the game from the start.

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